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Dumerils boa for sale | baby | care | feeding Best Tips 2021

Hey! Today We Will Talk About Dumerils Boas. The Dumeril's Boa Is A Non-venomous Boa Species Found In Coastal Areas In Madagascar Island. Madagascar Is Located In The Indian Ocean To The East Of The African Continent And Is One Of The World's Biggest Islands. Some Reports Of The Species Also Being Found In Reunion Island Located East Of Madagascar Are Probably Erroneous.

Dumerils boa for sale

Baby Dumerils Boa For Sale

If You Are Looking For A Baby Boa Dumerils For Sale You Have Come To The Right Place. Our Baby Boa Constrictors Are Captive Bred And Are Sometimes Referred To As A Dumerils Boa Or Dumerils Red Tail Boa. Redtail Boas Are Pretty And Docile Pet Snakes That Can Be Kept By Enthusiasts Of All Ages. Our Dumerils Boa Constrictors For Sale Can Be Great Pets Given Some Time And Handling. These Boa Constrictors Normally Max Out At 7 To 9 Feet In Length And Are A Favorite In The Pet Trade Amongst Reptile Enthusiasts.

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Dumerils boa setup & Guide

Dumeril’s boa terrarium size requirements correlate with the size of the snake. Here are the minimum dimensions for your snake’s enclosure, based on snake length:

  • Baby (<2’) — 2’L x 1.5’W x1.5’H
  • Juvenile to Subadult (2’ to 5’) — 4’L x 2’W x 2’H
  • Adult (6’ to 8’) — 6’L x 2’W x 2’H
  • Large adult (>8′) — 8’L x 2’W x 2’H


Place your light on a timer to help your snake regulate its day/night and seasonal cycles:

  • Spring — 12 hour day
  • Summer — 13 hour day
  • Fall — 12 hour day
  • Winter — 11 hour day

Dumeril's Boa Tank Size

Neonate Dumeril’s Boas Can Be Kept In 5 To 10 Gallon Glass Reptile Terrariums Or In A Shoebox- Or Sweaterbox-style Rack System. Juvenile Dumeril’s Boas Up To About 3 Feet In Length Can Be Kept In A Glass, Wood Or Plastic Enclosure Measuring 2 Feet Long By 2 Feet Deep By 14 Inches Tall.

Dumeril's boa habitat

Whats Eat Dumerils boa

Dumeril’s Ground Boas Mainly Prey On Mammals Such As Rodents, Lemurs, & Tenrecs. They Also Prey On Birds, Including Domestic Poultry.  These Snakes Are Ambush Predators, Which Means They Wait For Their Prey To Come Close Before Moving To Attack.  Dumeril's Ground Boas Are Constrictors, Which Means They Kill Their Prey By Constricting It.

Dumeril boa breeders

These Boas Are Viviparous, Which Means They Give Birth To Live Young Rather Than Laying Eggs. Between 6 And 13 Young Are Born In A Litter.

Dumerils Boa Price

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Dumerils Boa Size

The Dumeril’s Boa Is A Large, Heavy Bodied, Ground Snake Found Exclusively On The Island Of Madagascar. They Are Typically 3.5-6.5 Feet Long But Can Reach Up To 7 Feet, And Can Weigh Up To 21 Lbs.

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Dumerils Boa For Sale

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