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Why you should study in Canada quality of education

Hi everyone! My name is Luciana, I'm Brazilian and I have been in Canada for around 11 months. I just concluded my program here at Conestoga College and I'm here today to share with you how was the experience.

So feel free to ask [anything]. So we want to talk about Canada and [go through] the top 5 reasons why you should study in Canada. Our number one reason for studying in Canada and you probably have [heard of it] because you all chose better quality of education, and that was our number one reason. Canada is considered the most educated country in the world. 

Take that and the most educated country in the world considered by OECD and that stands for 'Economic Profit of Development.' That's mostly because 56% of the adult population has some kind of education after high school, so that's more than half of our population. 

Canada is also ranked third in the world for education by "US News & World Reports 2018 Best Countries Report', and that's mainly based on the quality of education. Because Canadian higher education systems and our primary public schools are all state-funded, 

which means it's funded by the government, we kind of ensure consistent high-quality education along with highly trained professors. So, a Canadian degree is widely recognized and equal to one from the States, from the UK, from Australia, and we are very flexible and there's a lot of variety. 

So there's a lot of things that you can accomplish and a lot of diplomas and degrees that you can pursue based on their own qualifications, and also what you want to do in life ... Are you looking to go into the job force and things like that, 

so there tons of flexibility to choose from. And being a bilingual country - we are both English and French - but there are also tons of language schools here. So if you're worried about your English Canada's a great place to really develop that skill. And say, for example, at Conestoga we have a great language school for you to get the qualification that you need before you pursue your program. 

So all of that is kind of like taken care of in one stream, so you really get that kind of flexibility. So in the reason survey - and this is done through international students - we want to kind of show you how satisfied students are. 

So in this season survey ... the government did this and interviewed many students and nine in ten of them found that they were very satisfied with their decision to study in Canada. And more than that, so half of them were very satisfied with their decision to study in Canada. 

Ninety-Six percent of them would recommend Canada as the second destination and 95% of them are achieving success in their education. So if the numbers [don't] show you that's a huge rate of student satisfaction. So, let's hear from Luciana, she's a student. 

I want to hear about her experience. Actually, it was the right decision that I made choosing to come to Canada and especially[to] Conestoga. Here they are very [focused] on quality and keep updated. 

So all the programs, in each term, have meetings with students, professors, and professionals from the industry as well, to understand the demands of the market and try to implement [that] in the classes or they're looking for outside in the work environment. 

So it was very important. This practical learning that I was looking for, I really found it here at Conestoga. And, actually another point, it was a nice surprise - a little different from my country - but here we [have] loads of assignments, exams it's hard, but actually, 

you're gonna find the professors really helping every time, inside and outside the class. And also, you're gonna see how they are actually cheering for your success. So, another point that was very important for me was the support that Conestoga gave me. 

Actually, when you arrive in a different country sometimes you can feel a little overwhelmed, you have to structure a new life, you have so much information and sometimes you don't know where to find that information. So here it connects to Conestoga. 

Conestoga offers student advisors, help with visas, accommodations, and even the Career Hub that is another facility here that helps you to structure your resume to use, and for networking here or event. Practicing with you for professional interviews to be prepared for the workforce. 

Definitely a whole range of services to make sure you succeed in your education because that's definitely our number one goal. 

Study in Canada: Study Medicine in Canada

Hello, and welcome to STUDY! In this article, we will answer a question asked by Madeeha from Egypt. Madeeha says: I would love to study medicine in Canada, but I still need to find some funding to cover the tuition! So how can I obtain a graduate scholarship or fellowship to do so? 

Well, Madeeha, here at STUDDYS we are all about helping international students wanting to study in Canada quickly and easily find scholarships, fellowships, and other sources of funding to attend the best Canadian Universities! So, let's get started! 

The first thing you want to do, Madeeha, is to visit you will find what we like to call "buckets" of funding. Very briefly these are:1. Fellowships 2. Scholarships3. Programs with funding; and 4. Open research positions depending on what would suit you the best, 

you can find more specific information about all these funding options on In this video, however, we will show you how to get to the SCHOLARSHIPS for your specific field of study. So, once you are on STUDDYS' homepage, 

you can go to the top of the page and click on the SCHOLARSHIPS tab. It will take you to this page, where you will see a search box. Here you can search for a specific scholarship by name at the top, or you can go by field of study, for example, 

in your case, it will be "Biological & Medical Sciences". You can then narrow down your search by entering the specialty field and then the degree type as some scholarships are available only to master's programs whereas others are only for PhD. 

Once that is done, you can choose in which Canadian province and/or University you would prefer to study. If you don't have a preference, just leave these two fields "as is", as this will give you a wider range of available scholarships to choose from in the search results. 

Once you are finished, click on SEARCH. Et Voila - This is where the magic happens: A page will be displayed, showing the results of all the scholarships in the "Biological & Medical Science" field of study. 

The name of the scholarship is displayed, and on the left, you can see the amounts offered. As you can see here, there is a $12 000 scholarship available. If you click here, on the name of the scholarship you are interested in, you will be taken to the Description page. 

Since this information is only available to our Members, I do recommend you register here, as it is quick and totally free! The page will show you the details of the scholarship you are interested in and you can have a look at the requirements, 

and also see the contact details and application procedure. You will also be able to see whether international students are eligible. 

As you will see, many of these scholarships are open to international students and/or even better -- are specifically for international students! So keep looking -- we know you will find that little Gem! So, we hope this helps, Madeeha! 

And, don't forget to register, as it will enable you to receive some other cool and helpful stuff we share only with our members! Thanks again, and we wish you the best with your scholarship search! 


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